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For years this membership has been marketed for no less than $495. Thanks to Lynford Theobald, you get our private members area and live trainings free; exclusively for Barnaje teammates. Their commitment to the team's success is remarkable. It is manned by our certified team of 50+ people. You'll love what you learn and our "1960's style" customer service. You'll get hands-on-help daily, all questions answered within 24 hours by real, live people.


You get a worksheets for all the [live and recorded] Colorcode trainings. You also get a copy of Best Selling personal development book, Standing Tall [and the companion workbook]. Additionally, you also receive hands on help via live webcasts, chats and personal attention. Your communication will improve with prospects, your teammates, an your family members too! Improved communication and personal growth is the Key to the Vault in networking.

The Formula

"Work harder on yourself that your business" Jim Rohn. Over 30,000 students and members have taken these easy to learn and do ideas about communication and personal growth and altered their financial destiny. Why? The curriculum is based on personal growth and 7 sound principles that all the real champions in business master and repeat. The best way to improve the team is improve yourself. These are proven methods.

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Join the thousands who have created wealth, health and joy because they learned effective communication with color code and self development with Standing Tall


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Your free enrollment login email has been emailed to you already. Just login and follow the "Introduction" video to prepare properly. Gmail users, check all folders


Step 3: Watch Your Biz Grow

Color Code skills are the most effective and fastest way to achieve your success . Why? Better communication skills build better relationships, better teams and momentum.

Color Code Profiles - Why We Do What We Do.

How did a 5-time failure in MLM turn into a Top Tier Earner with 5 companies? At once? Colorcode

The Problem. Everybody says, "it's all about relationships". We've heard that over and over. Do you know what we didn't hear anyone say? Never heard a speaker or leader give specifics on exactly how to improve relationships. Just wonderful sounding words, like "empower" "support" etc. And let's face it, the work begins after you enroll a new partner. Helping them become productive. We really struggled getting people growing.

Then a tiny discovery altered our careers and more importantly, our lives and the lives of others.

The Discovery. In a chance meeting at a coffee shop, a kind stranger leaned in after an unsuccessful presentation and asked, "do you believe it is all about relationships?" I said yes. He laughed. "Relationships are made or lost on communication". Eventually that led to Color Code Profiles and improved communication put hundreds and hundreds in their dream life too.

The Difference. There are some wonderful profiling companies in the world. However, they test for behavior, not core motive. Imagine knowing the core motive, what actually drives, your new teammates? Your family members? And you?! Imagine know the best way to talk to the 4 different types you'll learn about. It is fun, fast and profitable both for the soul and the wallet.

You get a full Color Code workshop (3 hr session, $300 value, yours free), you’ll learn skills to instantly communicate more effectively with others. You also receive many live "mini" workshops to answer questions and keep improving your communication kills.

You’ll also discover that the most important relationship in your life is YOU with YOU.
It’s the one that pre-empts fulfillment in all other relationships and is the foundation for your success

You also get the tools to increase self-awareness, develop a key behavior that drives success and happiness and improve your effectiveness in personal, business and romantic relationships. Best way to improve the team? Improve yourself.

Color Code Full Profile and Customized Plan of Action... and you'll be able to do 2 great things for your teammates. 1] Build an effective plan of action based on their core motive. 2] Communicate it in a way they absolutely know what to do.

This training includes the Color Code personality assessment Primary Color information. Discover what motivates you on the deepest, most fundamental level and what drives your behavior and personality, as well as what drives your teammates and your prospects too. Think that might help?

You’ll understand that a balanced, harmonious partnership within is what ultimately makes you an effective influencer of your own behaviors.

We're honored to show you incredible things you can do with Color Code both personally and professionally.

Standing Tall Study, Application and Mastermind

Formula for lasting change

Everybody who has been through the book Standing Tall speaks volumes, loudly, of life-changing character growth through the 14-week study and application of The Seven Ancient Verities. [just 15 minutes day]

The Verities. By following the instructions and daily exercises exactly as laid out in each Verity, you will cultivate the rich, fertile environment of your mind, infused with Universal principles, and prepare yourself to successfully navigate the Map to the 13 Riches of Life. 13 Riches? Yes, there are 13 Riches in Life... not just money.

What sets Standing Tall apart is a specific daily plan you get in the form of a 98-page workbook. The workbook guides you along, day-by-day, with a very short checklist so anyone can master the Verities and then effortlessly navigate

The Map. The Verities help you Stand Tall in character so you can successfully navigate the Map to the 13 Riches of life. The Riches of a Positive Mental Attitude, The Riches of Intimacy, of Adventure, of Sharing, of Health and 8 others. Just imagine learning how to be truly wealthy in all areas of your life.

The workbook for the Verities and The Map are located in your members area as a stand-alone pdf document for your convenience. For those who prefer to write in the book, daily checklists are also included, chapter by chapter, in the downloadable version of this best seller, Standing Tall.

And don't forget... we'll get you a mastermind partner to keep you on track!

Colorcode & Standing Tall Members Area is normally $495. We mention this a second time to pay tribute to Curtis and Carrie who wanted you to have this and pay nothing. You'll notice when you hit any of the Red Tabs to enroll, you are not asked for any payment, now or later. We were blown away by their commitment.

We've got over 50 years of successful experience in networking and never, and I mean NEVER, have we seen this kind of "money-where-your-mouth-is" support from a leader or company.

FYI. The Color Code/Standing Tall course includes a rich members area full of videos, trainings, documents and other resources.

There are audio recordings of each of the 7 Ancient Verities and also the 13 Riches, though you are encouraged to record them in your own voice as soon as possible.

You can also mastermind with other Standing Tall scholars in the Alliances in the members area.

Lori, Davene and Mark have been in the Top 1% of earners in network marketing for a combined 70 years. All 3 attribute their success to communication and personal growth. They'll be running live, highly interactive mini-workshops on communication skills and personal development to help you grow personally and professionally.

About the book

Standing Tall Acquiring The 13 Riches of Life Effortlessly

by Mark Januszewski

Everybody knows there are hundreds of self-help books that promise life-changing information, happiness and affluence.

They give us hope… especially those that are artfully peppered with rag-to-riches stories. This is not one of those books.

Let’s face it – the hope fades a few weeks after we finish the book and very little, if anything, really changes.

So, what kind of book is this?

In truth, it’s not meant to be a book… it’s an exercise.

It will challenge you, but with challenge comes change. As you grow personally, so does your business.

Meet Your Staff

Mark Januszewski

Mark Best Selling Author Co-creator MasterKeyExperience Top Earner 5 MLMs

Lori Enrico

Co-creator Standing Tall - 20 Years top 1% MLM * ColorCode® Certified

The Fab Davene

CEO Training Solutions - Co-creator MasterKeyExperience - ColorCode® Certified

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